We look forward to inducting NZHL XRACE families into the Hall of Fame.

For fairness, we are now switching to a model which does involve a cost. Shirts for each season are now packed on a first-come, first-ordered basis. Historically, early events got all the sizes and the later events in the season were left with much fewer options.

Please note, with these changes - you order online here and you collect your shirt on race day. When you arrive at your event, your shirt will have your name on it, ready to go. 

These Hall of Fame shirts are exclusive - to be inducted into the Hall of Fame,  you must have entered at least FIVE XRACE events. 

Official qualifying to be in the Hall of Fame:

You must have finished at least FIVE different XRACES and if you missed a year due to covid, these count towards your black shirt. Racing as a Nipper does not count toward your total.

Open to parent or child, you qualify as an individual, not as a team. 

If you missed a year due to a covid postponed event or self-isolation, you count this even if you did not race.

A 14-year-old can receive their black shirt at the start of their fifth and final year. They must have raced four previous XRACE events.

Please note, Nippers do not count toward a Hall of Fame shirt.

Shirts cost $15 and will be available for collection at your XRACE event. Click on the image at the top of this page to purchase your Hall of Fame Shirt.