Hall of Fame

Enhancing the Hall of Fame Experience with Pre-Ordered Shirts

We're thrilled to welcome NZHL XRACE families into the Hall of Fame! To ensure a seamless and fair distribution of Hall of Fame shirts, we're implementing a new system where shirts must be ordered and paid for in advance.

This will guarantee that everyone has equal access to the desired sizes and styles.

Ordering Your Hall of Fame Shirt
To secure your Hall of Fame shirt, simply complete the fields below, select your preferred size and event location, and complete the payment process. Your shirt will be ready for collection on race day.

You will receive the latest edition shirts for your collection and your black shirts.

Eligibility for the Hall of Fame Shirt
To qualify for Hall of Fame recognition, you must have participated in at least four XRACE events, excluding Nipper events. You can qualify as either a parent or a child, but the qualification is individual, not team-based. If you were unable to participate due to a COVID-related postponement or self-isolation, that year will still count towards your total.

To determine your eligibility for Hall of Fame, we encourage you to visit our "History of T-Shirts" page, which serves as a record of completed XRACE events. Please note that Nipper events do not count towards Hall of Fame eligibility.

Beginning in 2024, you will receive your Hall of Fame shirt prior to the start of your fifth XRACE, allowing you to wear it proudly during your milestone race.

As our timing system cannot determine Hall of Fame eligibility, we rely on an honor system for self-reporting your participation history. Please ensure you accurately assess your completed events to maintain the integrity of the Hall of Fame recognition.

Cost of Hall of Fame Shirts
Hall of Fame shirts are priced at $15, with an additional 2.7% credit card processing fee.

Additional Notes

  1. 14-year-olds are eligible to receive their black Hall of Fame shirt at the commencement of their fourth and final year.
  2. Hall of Fame shirts are exclusively reserved for those who have met the eligibility criteria.
  3. To revisit the history of Hall of Fame shirts, click here.

We appreciate your continued support of the NZHL XRACE community! Please remember that regular race registration remains mandatory, and the Hall of Fame shirt is an additional cost.